Play Poker Games Online in India and Earn Real Money Online


Next to the popular slot machines, Blackjack and roulette (either the American or the French), poker online India is the most sought after game in this, which is one of the most populous and richest countries in the world.

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But, the most important thing of poker is that it is a game in which the concentration, skills, and abilities of online players, allow them to earn real money, as long as they follow some of the recommendations that we will teach during the present publication.

Online poker sites India

There are many websites where you can play and win real money in India, playing one of the most popular online games in the world: poker. Such is the case of Betway,, 888, the Royal Panda, the Indio Casino and others to which we wll refer throughout this publication.

As it is not, just, to enter an online casino and “wait for the money to fall from the sky”, let’s see some recommendations to be successful when playing poker.

It has always been said that “poker is easy to learn, but difficult to master”. So things, it is necessary that, when we play, we make correct assessments. So, we should not believe that any poker hand can turn us into a winner because thinking in this way would be a very serious mistake.

This is the mistake that beginners make because they are usually not careful enough when they participate in their initial hands.

For the reasons stated, we need to be selective with our hands, when we play poker online india real money.

In other words, we should not fall into the trap that we tend some online casinos different from those already mentioned (and to which we will mention later).

It is more than evident that certain casinos announce, with great pomposity, tournaments of the World Series of Poker, but it is very much possible that these tournaments are not the most suitable hands for all players.

The casinos of this type are always trying to awaken the curiosity of the players (experienced and beginners) from all over the world, taking advantage of the climax generated by these events.

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We must focus on the strength of the hands of our opponents and on the players against whom we must play

Whenever we are playing poker, either in person or through online casinos, we must evaluate the strength of our opponent’s hand and, not only, how good (or bad) our own poker hand is.

This is, if you like, a “golden rule” when playing poker.

In this way, we should suggest to our assiduous readers that the smartest thing would be to withdrawwhen they consider that their opponent has a better hand than them.

On the other hand, but in the same conceptual direction, it is advisable that, when we enter the different online poker sites india, we choose our adversaries in a wise way, because the most logical thing would be to play against players who are not as good as us.

However, if after playing, for weeks, with opponents weaker than us and, incidentally, we are, for example, the fifth best poker player, proceeding to play against the first four would not be a good idea, of course.

In addition to everything noted, it is clear that the position of the table is very important. Let’s see why. Especially in the attractive and popular Texas Hold’em mode, the position of the table is considered an essential factor.

The best position can be found when we are on the button, that is, when we are the last to act during the hand.

The above, because we can have a more or less clear knowledge about the type of hand that our contenders have before acting.

In this way, we can turn a potentially losing hand into a winning hand, as long as we have a good position.

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When we go to play poker online india – we should not play too much money

It is too important, not to say “transcendental”, that we focus on the way our opponents are playing, even when we are not at the table.

So things, after focusing on the other players, we can understand the movements they do when they have the best hand and, incidentally, understand what kind of movements they do when they do not have the best hand.

Under these conditions, we can beat our opponents.

With regard to the amount of money that we must bet, it is of crucial importance that we consider that the administration of funds is one of the most important aspects that we must keep in mind.

Without good bankroll management, it is very likely that we will never become a winning player in poker, even if we are using a perfect strategy of this fascinating game.

In other words, when we go to play poker online india we must avoid the fact of playing in limits where we can lose money and, by the way, only play in limits where we can win.

In addition to everything noted so far, we must avoid too many draws, because it is possible that we are faced with situations in which we get involved holding half a hand, which only requires a letter to complete, for example, the ladder or color.

Consequently, it might be convenient to call in case there is a few amount of bets from our opponent’s side, hoping to make a good hand.

However, if our adversary is betting heavily, it is most likely that it will not be profitable for us to pursue those draws.

To end with this “catalog of suggestions”, note that the so-called “right cards” are just a myth, since we should not overvalue the cards of the same suit, as beginners usually believe.

Moreover, if we have cards of the same suit, only our hand will improve by only 2%, compared to a suitable hand.

Concluding, for now, let’s say that these strategies will allow us to become winning poker players, both in the casinos that we already mentioned, and in other online casinos in India, which are serious and reliable, such as the Jackpot City, the King Billy Casino and the Mansion Casino, among others that are also well valued online to play online poker sites in India.