Playwin Online Lottery in India


In November 2001, playwin online lottery india was launched, which was the first lottery in India that allowed the sale of tickets online, having been a real novelty, at the time.

It is, for the most part, a lottery that has 5 games, while it is managed by Pan India Network Ltd. and is under the general control of the Sikkim government.

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Playwin Online Lottery Has Made More Than 5,000 People Millionaires

This is a true world record, so millions of people around the world (not only in India) are constantly asking where tickets can be purchased. Well, to answer this question, we will say that they can be purchased online. Or, if you prefer, at an authorized distributor, either on the internet itself or, for those who prefer, at “physical” stores.

Now, for those who, like our readers, want to carry out retail purchases, they only have to complete their numbers on the lottery ticket and, in passing, deliver it to the retailer who will proceed to process it and, in addition, provide proof of purchase.

On the other hand, it is very important to know that, in order to buy tickets for this online lottery, a Playwin card will be necessary, which is, rightly so, can be purchased with the retailers of this world-famous lottery.

Ways to buy the ticket

Consider, also, that they can be purchased with retailers, by SMS or, well, by email. In the same order of ideas, we must note that the cards come with pre-loaded values of 200, 500, 1,000 and 5,000 Rupees and, in addition, with their respective online payment method.

For the lucky ones who win after the online purchase of a ticket, they will have the additional fortune to receive the payment of the prize, directly, on the Playwin card.

Then, the winners can redeem it or, if they prefer, use the prize for future purchases of other tickets. In short, the playwin online lottery India offers a large number and variety of advantages. Thanks to this, it has become a true “boom”, which has affected the whole world.

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Assuming the Risks Inherent in This Lottery, Is The Most Exciting For all

Whatever the result, the mere fact of participating in this lottery intended by all, accelerates our pulse and gives us an emotion that is difficult (not to say “impossible”) to overcome with any other lottery. Now, to make the experience of participating in playwin online lottery india even more exciting, we can all know the results instantly and on the fly, through a simple SMS message.

For this purpose, it will be sufficient to enter the number of the mobile phone in the website of this lottery and, in that way, to know instantly if we have been one of the winners or, well, one more of the large club of millionaires who are part of it of this lottery.

It is a simple mobile registration, which is absolutely free.

Winner’s Club

In what has to do, this time, with the weekly games, let’s say that this is a weekly online lottery, which is the most attractive for most, since there is nothing more certain than the possibility of having the luck of winning a lottery, don’t appear every day.

But, when we win, we can join the Winner’s Club, where we have the basic premise that “the winners are not those who never fail, but those who never give up”.

About the Winner’s Club, let’s say that we all have the possibility to read the countless “success stories” and, incidentally, encourage us, once and for all, to acquire the tickets of this, which has become one of the lotteries most successful in the Asian continent and, fair to say, from around the world.

It is worth taking the risk, but not only once but, rather, as many times as we can, because participating in playwin online lottery india is a real privilege reserved for the most risky.

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It Is a Company That Promotes Responsible Gaming

As we had already noted (but, remember, it is not), it is a lottery administered by the company Pan India Network Ltd. and which, moreover, is under the general control of the government of Sikkim. For these reasons, buying tickets in this lottery entails a true guarantee of reliability and reliability.

So much so, that it is necessary to have 18 years or more to play and, also, to claim the prize.

Some teenagers are often annoyed by the situation that we have just mentioned, but it is necessary that this be so, because what it is really about is to promote responsible gaming.

Now, if you are a boy or girl who wants, anyway, to participate in the weekly games of the   playwin online lottery india, you can do it through a trusted family member and, thus, have the possibility of winning the huge prizes that are offered.

As it is, we reiterate, to do things with responsibility, both from the perspective of the company that manages this lottery, and from the point of view of those who purchase the tickets, there is a claim form.

It is not, just, to present the ticket and receive the money. Among the instructions for the lucky winners, we have that Playwin offers participants the unique benefit of claiming all prizes, up to 10,000 Rupees, in cash and, more importantly, tax-free.

In addition, those 10,000 Rupees can be claimed at any authorized Playwin point of sale. On the other hand, we have all prizes that are above 10,000 Rupees, will be paid by check, to ensure the safety of the lucky winners.

Also for safety (and responsibility), all winners of the playwin online lottery india that are above Rs. 10,000 (in a single ticket), you must complete a claim form.

To conclude, for the moment, note that the claim form can be sent to the claims department, at any of the Playwin offices or, if preferred, through the company’s regional distributors.

As we can see, then, it is a lottery that meets all the requirements of the law, in addition to the guidelines related to the seriousness, reliability and responsibility that should characterize all the lotteries of prestige worldwide.