Neteller in India: Everything You Should Know


If you are one of those players which bank in India deals with Neteller, the best option and, therefore, the one we recommend, when it comes to managing and withdrawing funds from online bookmakers is, precisely, Neteller.

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On the other hand, note that when you, as a player, wish to deposit funds in your Neteller betting account, it will only take less than one minute, while the withdrawals are also quick.

In addition, and as if it were not enough with what we just noted, the two types of operations are free.

How Can Open Neteller Account

Another of the enormous advantages of having a neteller account in India, is that the financing of an account like these, from the user’s bank account, may have great associated fees but, yes, depending on the method we use, so we should all make sure that we feel comfortable with this situation, before depositing money in the account itself.

Now, after having the funds in their respective place, Neteller will place us in a privileged position, in what has to do with the management of online betting banks.

In addition, we must bear in mind that, in general terms, the simplest methods to deposit money in our favorite betting site consist, simply, in using the credit card and, incidentally, dialing the corresponding numbers.

However, the option that we just mentioned that we reiterate, is the most common and used by almost all players in the world, has its exceptions, since everything depends on the website-casino that we are using and, also, depends on where come the money and/or the card with which we intend to pay.

In other words, banks in some countries are prohibited from processing transactions in which casinos are involved and, in general, betting houses, which becomes a real problem for many players.

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This Is Precisely Where an E-wallet Like Neteller Comes Into Play

This, inasmuch as having a neteller account exempts us from the aforementioned inconveniences, insofar as it becomes the best of all the options to deposit money in the casinos of India and, in general, of the whole world.

While it is true that many major banks in the world prohibit transactions with casinos and bookmakers, it is also true that most of these banking entities allow deposits to be made to (and from) Neteller.

Thus, for example, Neteller for India has become a wonderful alternative for players in this country who have problems when making deposits in casinos, which come from their banks, because Neteller can make transfers to websites-casinos among the most outstanding casinos that accept this e-wallet, we have Betway and 888 Sports.

However, it is very important that everyone bear in mind that, when it comes to taking funds out of India, they may have problems, even when the money is deposited in Neteller.

This is because the Reserve Bank of India or “RBI” limits the amount of funds that Hindus can have outside the country, per year.

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Neteller and Bitcoin

All the players in the world and, more specifically, those from India, which are the ones that interest us for the purposes of this publication, can transfer funds to their Neteller accounts, using the most traditional payment processors, as is the case with the best-known cards, bank transfers, and other methods.

However, we must bear in mind that there are fees associated with transactions. Now, among all the payment methods we have mentioned, bitcoin is the one with the lowest rate, that is, only 1.00% when the payment through this virtual currency is made through Neteller.